About us

Dekoratex was founded in 1973 and it is the only furniture fabric factory in Romania. It is a company with almost 50 years of history and experience.

At the beginning it was a producer of technical fabrics. Over the years, it has been developing and specialising in the production of furniture fabrics, fabrics for interior design, plush and textiles specific to the automotive industries.

Dekoratex products are characterised by the multitude of models and colors, in classic, modern and elegant style, having in our portfolio over 1,500 different fabrics, using cotton, linen, hemp, polyester, acrylic, acrylic chenille. Our company tends to follow the market and trends in domain. Both the production and creation activity is put into practice with the help of computer technologies.

The created models can be transferred directly to textiles by printing them or they are made on weaving machines and knitting machines as well, promising to make quality textiles, with the possibility of executing the design requested by the customer.

The production activity is completed with the trade of products specific to the upholstery segment, like artificial leather or sponges.

At the tailoring section, a variety of items are made from our own textiles: decorative pillows, mattresses, stools, beanbags, sleepers, tablecloths, curtains both in series and special, personalised orders.